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Martin Clinic Healing House and Curative Community:

Vision, Mission, and Aim

Vision: A village of healing re-inventing medical care: Free, Holistic, and Community Based.

Mission: We will provide free medical care extended with the holistic principles of Rudolf Steiner. Furthermore, we aim to redefine the debt based relationship between patient and healer as a relationship of partnership in community. We will support the inner development, practical training, and flourishing of practitioners of the healing arts inspired by Anthroposophic extended medicine including our volunteers, our coworkers, art therapists, curative Eurythmists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, naturopaths and physicians. We will create an intentional ecovillage of our community of coworkers that will mutually support onsite free clinics and retreats. We will welcome and enrich the surrounding community and provide an inspiring human model of medical care.

Aim: The aim of The Clinic is to provide free holistic Anthroposophically extended medical care. We will support our community of volunteers, coworkers and healers. We will undertake the following projects:

  • Establishment of free clinic models serving the wider community, initially an Atlanta area based free clinic and hospitality house and a free clinic, retreat, ecovillage and Community Land Trust in Tennessee.
  • Sponsorship of trainings in Anthroposophic extended medicine and holistic medicine for our volunteers and coworkers.
  • Establishment of a community source of nutritious organic or biodynamic produce, pastured meat and eggs. This may take the form of a community cooperative.
  • Workshops, seminars and other educational programs for the general community.
  • Assisting with the costs and access of both conventional and complementary therapies for all of our patients.
  • A website with resources pertinent to our mission.

Governance: The Clinic shall be governed according to the principles of Sociocratic Governance. The Clinic shall serve as an example and a testing ground for these principles and related methods.