September Clinic Warming and Open House a Success!

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On Saturday, September 15th the Martin Clinic Healing House opened its doors to the community around Atlanta. We gave tours of the clinic. Everyone was happy to see the three organized provider rooms ready for our patients. Also important to the clinic and its mission of integrative medicine were the rooms for herbal compresses, essential […]

Metastatic Melanoma cured with high dose mistletoe alone

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An intriguing case report has just been published of a 66 year old woman with metastatic melanoma who was treated with high dose mistletoe therapy.1 After two years she was in complete remission. Her cancer was confirmed with biopsy. She was treated with high dose intravenous mistletoe extract after declining chemotherapy. Doses of up to […]

Tennessee Local Food Summit Presentation

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December 2nd I presented “The Health Benefits of Eating Organic and Biodynamic Food”. I loved the opportunity to speak and even more to meet such a thriving group of the region’s farmers. I was impressed to meet Tradd Cotter the mushroom expert who presented on fungal remediation of environmental contamination. He runs Mushroom Mountain and […]

Lemon and Quince- a natural treatment to reverse asthma and allergies

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I stumbled across some interesting scientific studies on using lemon and quince as a medicine to address allergies and asthma. These remedies are some of the older Anthroposophic formulations- formulated by Rudolf Steiner out of his spiritual scientific approach (similar to his approach to mistletoe). These two fruits can first be observed in their strong […]

How to Customize Cronometer for a Cancer Fighting Ketogenic Diet

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¬†Cronometer Cronometer is a free online tool (there is also an app for $2.99) that is essential in tracking your dietary intake. It is quite versatile and this is my guide to customizing it for a cancer fighting ketogenic diet. First sign up. Go into your profile and set your weight, height, birthday and activity […]

Mistletoe in medicine

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Mistletoe has been used for the treatment of cancer since 1917. This article will describe several different methods of using mistletoe. We will cover the most aggressive therapy down to supportive therapy and then mention special uses of mistletoe including bladder instillation for bladder cancer as well as other therapeutic approaches of interest. Scientific literature […]

Fever and Cancer

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  “Give me a fever, and I can cure any illness.” — Hippocrates Relating fever to cancer with an Anthroposophic understanding is a long journey though our recent and modern scientific literature provides fascinating supporting insights. Warmth is the expression of our human I (our spirit) activity. Having cold feet or hands is a sign […]

Common Drugs for New Anti-Cancer Uses: the MacGyver Cocktail

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Cancer Treatment gets a REDO One exciting project to further cancer treatment led by a Belgian Nonprofit is Repurposing Drugs in Oncology (ReDO). Old generic pharmaceuticals are put to new off label uses. The mebendazole you can take for that infestation of pinworms will also disrupt microtubule formation (this disrupts cancer cell division) and stabilizes […]

Mistletoe Offers Hope to Cancer Patients at the Martin Clinic

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Three brief case reports demonstrate the typical beneficial effects of mistletoe in cancer treatment. Case 1 The first case is a patient with a rare advanced appendiceal cancer who had suffered from extreme fatigue, abdominal pain and severe nausea and vomiting. Shortly after starting Helixor injections her symptoms have improved. She reports her pain is […]

Arnica Trial Shows Positive Effects of Diluted Substance

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A recently published study is giving yet more support to arnica.¬† This study can be found in its entirety here. Arnica montana is used in Anthroposophic medicine for many issues- the most common use is for wound healing including as a boost for post surgical healing. The feedback I receive from patients after using arnica […]